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Sunday, July 29, 2012

How To: Homemade Starbucks Passion Lemonade Iced Tea

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Here's a fun little tutorial on how to make this easy summer drink "Starbucks Passion Lemonade Iced Tea" just like the one you buy at Starbucks, guarantee the same great taste and you save money by making your own!

First you will need the actual tea bag,  you can purchase them at Target or at the Starbucks store.  Make sure to get the one that says "Iced" since they have two versions of them.

Get a pitcher and fill it up with boiling water, I got a bigger pitcher enough for 3-4 servings because the tea bag I have is pretty big.  It's recommend you go by the serving size that's printed on the box. 

Drop the tea bag in the boiling water and wait 5-10 minutes for the tea to turn into a dark red color.

Now take out the tea bags and throw it away.

Get a slice of lemon or you can use lemon juice.  I prefer Lemon juice that is already sweeten that way I don't have to add any sugar but all I had were fresh lemons. 

I add raw cane sugar, only because I use lemon slices instead of lemon juice.  Here I used about 8 bags.  You can use any types of sugar you like or not add sugar if you prefer unsweetened.

Mix it up!

Leave it in the fridge for an hour or more or if you don't want to wait you can go ahead and mix it into the ice. 

Get some ice ready on a reusable cup.

and it's finished!

Hope you enjoy this special post, Thank you for reading!


Mickey said...

Awesome tutorial!!

Picasso_Esque said...

Oh wow, that looks really yummy! Thanks for the tutorial

Aida Jelita said...

oh my!! it looks so refreshing im gonna try this

Yuna said...

@Mickey, Picasso_Esque and Aida Jelita: thank you for reading ladies, glad you all enjoyed it ^^

Polly said...

I didn't know there were two versions of this tea! I tried this a while back and it didn't quite taste the same, I must have brought the non iced kind!

Yuna said...

@Polly: haha yup, definitely get the Iced version :D

marle said...

this is a caffeine free version?

Yuna said...

@Marle: yes it is :]