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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Daily Makeup Routine: Getting ready for work (Summer 2014)

For this tutorial I'll be showing you how I do my daily makeup routine that is suitable for school, work or an everyday simple look.  This is my usual routine I do when getting ready for work in the morning.

Before and After

Step 1
After I cleanse my face I like to pat on the "Innisfree Soybean Energy Essence"

Step 2
I apply a aloe vera gel from "Nature Republic" and a sun protecting lotion from "Neutrogena Clear Face Sunscreen Lotion"

Step 3
Now that the weather is warmer I like to use a light foundation, what I'm using is the "Holika Holika Aqua Petit BB Cream" mixing it with the "Makeup Forever Face & Body Liquid Makeup"  As you can tell both shades does not match my skin tone at all, one is too light and the other is too dark so when I mix them together I get my own perfect shade :)

Step 4
I just use a regular sponge wedge to apply them

Step 5
Next I apply a concealer on trouble areas and under my eye.  I'm using the "Revlon Age Defying with DNA Advantage Concealer"

Step 6
Apply a finishing powder, I'm using the "Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder"

Step 7
Apply any blush of your choice, I'm using this peachy pink blush from "BH Cosmetics in Daisy"

Step 8
Time for the eyes!  Apply an eyeshadow primer, I'm using the "Too Faced Shadow Insurance"

Step 9
For eyeshadow I'm using "Stila Eyeshadow trio in Bronze Glow"  I apply a light shade all over the lid, then a gold shade on the crease and a dark brown shade on the outer corner.

Step 10
Apply eyeliner, I'm using the "Makeup Forever Aqua Liner in Matte Black"

Step 11
To make my eyes pop and look more youthful I like to apply a shimmery gold eyeshadow from the "E.L.F Prism palette in Naked"

Step 12
Instead of applying eyeliner on the lower lid I use a matte taupe pencil liner by "Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner"

Step 13
Curl lashes and coat them with mascara, I'm using the "Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Volume"

Finish Eye Makeup Look

Step 14
Fill in eyebrows, using "The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit in 03"

Step 15
Finally apply some lippies, I'm using the "Etude House Cherry Tint in #3 Cherry Peach" and topped it off with a "Revlon Super Lustrous in Coral Reef"

Final Look
After changing my clothes :)

As always thank you all for reading, if you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comment section.

Disclaimer:  I purchased everything used in this tutorial with my own money.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Benefits of Jojoba Oil

What is it?
Jojoba oil is obtained from jojoba plant, which is a perennial shrub that grows in northwestern Mexico and parts of California and Arizona.  The oil is a liquefied form of vegetable wax and is found in the seeds of the jojoba plant in which half of the seeds weight is the oil content.  In results this substance is a light golden in color and is odorless.  Some argue that it is not actually “Oil”, but rather what is called a wax ester.  It is theorized that applying jojoba to the skin can "trick" the skin into thinking it is producing enough oil, thus balancing oil production. The bottom line for acne-prone people is that jojoba oil is non-comedogenic so you can use it without fear.

Eye and Face Makeup Remover
Add a few drops of jojoba oil to fingers or to a cotton ball and wipe over eyes and face. Rinse off with water and follow with regular cleanser.
Facial Cleanser and Moisturizer
To cleanse normal to dry skin, apply with a few drops on fingers or cotton ball. Remove with water. Pat a few more drops on to damp skin for a lasting moisture treatment.
Body Moisturizer
Apply immediately after shower or bath, while skin is still damp. It seals in moisture, leaving skin soft and smooth.
Massage and Bath Oil
Great for a massage therapist or for use at home. Perfect for sensitive skin. Add a few drops to your bath to leave skin moisturized, soft, and smooth.

Foot and Hand Softener
Use alone or add a few drops to your regular moisturizer. For an intense foot treatment, apply oil, wrap in gauze and put on socks. Leave on for at least one hour. Feet will be beautifully soft and smooth.

Hair and Scalp Massage
Add a few drops to hands. Massage into scalp to relieve dryness.

Deep Conditioning Treatment for Hair
Smooth a quarter-sized amount of oil over damp hair, focusing on ends. Wait 5-10 minutes before shampooing out. To help mend split ends, rub one or two drops onto ends.

Lip Conditioner
Apply to finger and smooth onto lips. Works great as an overnight treatment

Cuticle Oil
Apply a few drops to rough, dry cuticles at least once per day.

Shaving Prep and Aftershave
Apply to beard or desired area beneath your shaving product. Helps prevent razor burn and leaves skin smooth and soft. Apply directly after shaving to effectively soothe and moisturize skin.

Carrier Oil
Dilute a few drops of your favorite essential oil, such as Tea Tree Oil or Lavender, in Jojoba Oil prior to massaging into the skin.

Summer Hair Protection
Massage a quarter-sized amount to hair before going swimming to protect it from chlorine and salt water.

At high amounts (over 6 drops) it can lend a shine to the skin. It is best to be conservative with it during the day (5-6 drops at a time). Moderate usage should actually balance oil production and reduce shine. At night before bed, feel free to use as much as you like.

My Own Personal Opinion
I took me a while to finally try Jojoba Oil because when I see/hear the word “Oil” I instantly thought it will be greasy, shiny and will just sit on top of my skin and never be absorbed and will cause breakouts.  After hearing several rave reviews I thought I give it a shot and that changed my opinion completely to the point where I can’t get enough of it!  Usually I don’t apply the product directly to my skin, what I do is mix it with my moisturizer and sometimes with my toner and I can feel my skin feel extra moisturized especially during cold windy seasons.  Did I also mention I use this product for my hair and hands as well?  It’s multifunctional! 

How I use it
For me I don't like to apply Jojoba oil directly on my skin, I usually prefer to mix it with my face or body moisturizer, toner and serum.  Otherwise for my nails and hair I would apply it directly.  

With a moisturizer
If I feel my moisturizer needs an extra push of hydration I like to mix the jojoba oil in them.  Especially the gel moisturizers, since they’re only good for summer due to its light consistency but if you mix jojoba oil it can be used during colder seasons.

With a Toner
Same as the moisturizer I use it with a toner to give that extra boost of hydration.  What I do is put the toner on the cotton squares and then add a few drops of Jojoba oil on top and directly pat them over my skin. 

Where to Purchase and Costs
You can buy Jojoba Oil at any organic or health food shops and even online.  I purchase mine from iHerb.com.  The cost varies from $8 - $30 depending on the size, brand and where you purchase it from.   Price is good consider that you only need a few drops of the product.

Final Thoughts
Overall Jojoba Oil should be a stable product for everyone, if it doesn't work out on your skin at least try it on your hair or nails.

Hope you enjoyed today's post, any questions or comments please leave them on my comment section and don't forget to follow for more future post if you haven't!

Thank you for reading!

Disclaimer: I purchase the product with my own money.  Please note that everyone's skin is different, what may work well for me doesn't mean it would work well for you, please do your research before trying out a new product.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Current makeup favorites

1)      Tony Moly Blush in Milky Violet
This year I’ve been into light pastel colored blushes and even mixing them with my neon pink shade blushes to give it a glowy youthful look.  I’ve tried milky pink shades but so far the ones with a purple tone look really nice on my skin.

2)      E.L.F Finishing Powder in Corrective Yellow
This is a great power to set your overall makeup look and it makes my skin look much brighter and smoother.  The best part is it’s so much cheaper than other brands out there.  It originally comes in a black packaging but I transfer the powder to a clear jar for two reasons, one so it can fit in my drawer and second so I can see the product. 

3)      Revlon Color Stay Whipped Creme Makeup
I’ve been obsessed with BB Cream that I completely ignored regular foundation and even sold a lot of them on my blog sale.  However to be honest BB Cream doesn’t give me enough coverage as a foundation would so I manage to go through my makeup stash and found my only foundation that I still kept and I’m glad I didn’t sold it!  Just like their Colorstay liquid foundation that I use to love this one applies real nicely on my skin and lasted for an entire day.  Maybe one day I’ll pick up the liquid foundation and use it again.

4)      Sonia Kashuk Sheer Liquid Tint in Poppy
I manage to purchase this item on sale at target for around $2.00 since they’re discontinued.  I really like the nice coral color look on my cheeks especially during the summer and it never faded or melt off my skin on days that were humid and hot.  For this product I only need a tiny bit for both my cheeks!

5)      Mac So Sweet,  So Easy Cream Blush
Another of one of my obsession for milky pink blushes, I like to use this cream blush as my base before I apply powder blushes. 

6)      Skinfood Salmon Concealer
I purchase this concealer on ebay for around $10.  It’s very creamy so a little goes a long way, it’s not heavy coverage but its buildable. 

1)      Etude House Cherry Fresh Tint in “Peach”
I wanted to get the Benefit Cha Cha tint since I’ve already enjoyed their Posie Tint but I didn’t want to spend a hefty $30 for another tint so I decided to try the Etude House as it was so much cheaper.  So far I really like the coral shade on my lips compare to pink shades. 

2)      The Body Shop Brow and Liner Kit in “Dark Brown/Black
I’m still a rookie when it comes to doing my eyebrows so I’m trying to find all the good brow products in the market.  So far this Body Shop brow duo is working well for me and matches my brow and hair color perfectly without looking too dark or light. 

3)      Missha The Style Perfect Eyebrow Styler in “Gray Brown”
Another good brow product I like but in a pencil form, this one is so much more convenient to apply in the morning when I’m in a rush.  The only dislike I have on this product is the lead part keeps sliding off the tube!

Disclaimer: I purchase everything