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Monday, May 23, 2011

Tutorial: Smokey eye with color

Finish Look:

What I used:

1) Maybelline Quad in "Chai Latte"
2) Mac Fluidline in "Black Track"
3)Wet n' Wild Eyeshadow in "Brulee"
4) Mac Paint Pot in "Soft Ochre"
5) Rimmel black eyeliner and Urban Decay line in "Electric"
6) Q-Tips and any oil-free eye makeup remover
7) Pure Luxe shadow in "Lemon"
8) Pure Luxe shadow in "Blueberry"


Step 1) Apply a nude cream color base all over the lid

Step 2) With a fluffy crease brush apply a matte light brown on the crease only

Step 3) With the same crease brush from "Step 2" apply a darker matte brown on the outer corner

Step 4) Apply a bright blue eyeshadow over the brown

Step 5) Now apply a bright yellow eyeshadow on the lid only and blend it well with the blue

Step 6) Take a Q-tip and dab it on any oil-free makeup remover and clean up any smudges or fallouts

Step 7) Don't forget to soften any harsh lines with a nude color eyeshadow

Step 8) Apply a black liner on the top lid

Step 9) With a pencil liner apply them on the lower lash line only halfway

Step 10) apply a bight blue pencil liner over the black pencil liner from "step 9"

Step 11) Finally curl lashes and apply mascara and you're done!

Hope you like this tutorial, thank you for reading!

Disclaimer: Everything used in this tutorial is purchase by my own moolah



Fanny said...

I really like it! I will try it . ^^

Yuna said...

@Fanny: thank you ^^

Peyton said...

these color combinations for a smokey eye are fantastic! i love it, i'm really inspired to play with colors now

Yuna said...

@Peyton: thank you :D hehe same I need to wear colors more often.