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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Favorite Brown Shadows

Brown, neutral or bronze color eye shadows are the most common shades in makeup, you can wear them pretty much anywhere whether at work, school, weddings or everyday. Of all the eyeshadows I own the most shade I have in my collection are brown because I can never go wrong with them and its the color you can wear every season.

In this post I will share some of my most favorite brown/neutral shadows.

1) Bourjois "Nude" This is one of my favorite nude shimmer color for the brow bone and to soften any harsh lines.

2) Mac Pigment in "Cocomotion" I absolutely LOVE this pigment on days when I'm on a rush in the morning or just feeling plain I wear this alone. What makes this pigment special is it has gold sheen so it looks like you're wearing two eyeshadows instead of one when under the light. Unfortunately this is limited edition so you won't be able to find it in any Mac stores or counters however I got mines at the CCO so if you live near a CCO definitely purchase this pigment if you happen to see one.

3) Victoria Secret "Lose Control" One of my favorite crease color shadow especially during the summer because it has a very nice gold shimmer in the shadow that looks really nice under the light.

4) Urban Decay "Sin" A very nice frosty champagne color, I love using this shadow as a inner corner highlight rather then a shimmery white.

5) Mac Pigment in "Melon" Once again similar to Mac's "Cocomotion" pigment this also makes it look like you're wearing two shades instead of one. This pigment is not limited edition so you can find this pretty much anywhere that sells Mac cosmetics I happen to found mines at the CCO for much cheaper price since its in the old packaging.


1) Mac Pigment "Cocomotion"
2) Mac Pigment "Melon"
3) Victoria Secret "Lose Control"
4) Urban Decay "Sin"
5) Bourjois "Nude"

Hope you find this post useful, thank you for reading :D

Disclosure: I purchase everything


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