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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tutorial: Shimmery Fall Look

Finish Look:

What I used:

1) Revlon Cream Eyeshadow Palette in "Skinlights"
2) Mac Eyeshadow in "Humid"
3) Mac Eyeshadow in "Vanilla"
4) Mac Eyeshadow in "Embark"
5) Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Eyeshadow in "Glamerald"
6) Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Eyeshadow in "Gold Rush"
7) Maybelline Line Stiletto Eyeliner


Apply a creamy nude eyeshadow all over the lid to help enhance the powder eyeshadows

Apply a champagne eyeshadow over the base

Apply a jade green shadow on the crease first making a "V" shape and little by little filling them in making a smooth gradient transition into the champagne eyeshadow, a pencil brush would be a good choice for this step

Deepen the crease with a darker green eyeshadow

With a nude color eyeshadow soften the edges with a fluffy brush

Now line you lid with any of your favorite eyeliner

Instead of lining my lower lid I apply a dark matte brown eyeshadow instead to make it more wearable and not too harsh

Finally curl lashes and apply your favorite mascara

and finish!

Thank you for reading! <3

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liquoredonlacquer said...

That is a very pretty green!!
great look!! =]


Mickey said...

Love you're blog.
Keep doing what you do.
Can I request a really cool but cute blue & pink tutorial.
I would really appreciate it.

Yuna said...

@liquoredonlacquer: thank you, I enjoy doing this tutorial :]

Yuna said...

@Mickey: aww thank you for the sweet comment ^^ Sure thing! I'll add that to my next tutorial great color combo I didn't think of that :]

bunnyface said...

Love the color combo!!

thanks for the tutorial! haha i have a bunch of green shadows but don't know how to used it without looking like im drunk. YES for some reason when i pack on dark shadows i look like im drunk =.="

Yuna said...

@Bunnyface: lol I have the same issue too it makes me look like panda eyes especially by the end of the day when they start creasing and transferring on the lower lid :[ I have to be careful on how much I apply them.