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Monday, November 8, 2010

Bargain Haul

At Dollar Tree and Rite Aid

From Rite Aid: this week theirs a lot of "Buy One Get One Free" deals going on so check this week Sunday paper for deals besides makeup related also 40% off all Maybelline cosmetics!

These cotton puffs were "BOGOF" which is a good deal, one bag of 200 count cost $2.69. I use these for everything.

From Dollar Tree: I found these NYC Lip Sliders for $1 each, I really like these they're much better then the E.L.F ones and the darker colors give a hint color on the lips

Disclaimer: I bought everything!



bunnyface said...

Great bargain hunt!
haha I have those NYC gloss in the red shade. I really want to try the baby pink shades which are always sold out for some reason. lol. Honestly, i didn't know Dollar Tree have makeup. I always get my cotton round there and never notice. lol

Yuna said...

@Bunny: me either, I start noticing that they have makeup from another blogger haha. Its a awesome deal sometimes I find Revlon, L'oreal and Maybelline stuff there :D