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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Request Tutorial: Pink and Blue

Requested by Ms. Mickey :]

Finish Look:

On my lips: Mac Lipstick in "Saint Germain"


Step 1: Apply a cream lilac eyeshadow all over the lid, this will act like a base to enhance the powder eyeshadows. I am using a Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Cream Pencil.

Step 2: With a eyeshadow brush apply a light pink eyeshadow over the base. The pink eyeshadow is from a 88 Eyeshadow Palette from Coastal Scents which you can also purchase on Ebay.

Step 3: With an angle eyeliner brush apply a cerulean blue from the same palette and apply on the outer corner making a "V" shape first.

Step 4: With a small detail eyeshadow brush fill in the outer corner and also apply a little on the inner corner as shown.

Step 5: Using the same brush that was apply with a pink eyeshadow earlier reapply them again and blend it with the blue to create a soft gradient between the two colors.

Step 6: Now apply liquid liner on the top lid only using L'oreal Lineur Intense.

Step 7: Using Maybelline retractable pencil liner, apply it on the waterline and tightline.

Step 8: With a same angle liner brush apply the same blue eyeshadow on the lower line making a fish tail end.

Step 9: Curl lashes and apply mascara and if you want add false lashes, the false lashes are from Model 21


Thank you for reading ^^ any questions, request or comments feel free to drop them on my comment box <3

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Mickey said...

Smiling non-stop.:D
Thank you for the tutorial.

Yuna said...

@Mickey: no problem I had fun doing this tutorial its been a while since I did bright colors and thank you for requesting :3

Anna said...

hi sorry for the random question but are you japanese? ( :

Yuna said...

@Anna: nope, I'm Chinese