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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Review: Maybelline Line Stiletto

Price: $5-$6
Where to Buy: Any Drugstores

What Maybelline Says:
* A liquid liner that allows you the ultimate control to create any line you want!
* Elongates your lash line to shape and define eyes like never before.
* Our flexible felt tip glides on smoothly for the most precise control.
* No tugging. No dragging.
* All day wear up to 8 hours

My Review:
I remember reading a review about this eyeliner in someone's blog a while ago and thought it looked so much like the L'oreal Lineur Intense but didn't get around to purchasing it until Ulta had a Buy One Get One Free deal so I took advantage of that.

After using it for a month I have to say this is IDENTICAL to L'oreal Lineur Intense, so pretty much this review would be the same as the L'oreal one I did, Click Here to Read.

The difference is the the length of the brush handle which the L'oreal is longer and also the price the Maybelline retails for $5-$6 as the L'oreal retails for $8-$9.

Otherwise everything else is the same, sponge tip applicator, both have a shiny dark black finish and the amount of product is also the same, both .05 fl oz.

Lasting power is the same and just like the L'oreal it won't do good for the waterline.

Now if you're wondering which one I would rather repurchase again? I would say the Maybelline because its definitely much cheaper!

This week Rite Aid is having a 40% off all Maybelline products so give this eyeliner a try if you like L'oreal Lineur Intense.

Rating 5/5
Would I repurchase?: yes

This is purchase by my own money. Any opinions that I may have expressed in this post are from my own personal experience with the product. I have no affiliation with the company that makes it and did not receive money mentioning or using it. Visit my FAQ & Disclaimer page for more info.



Anonymous said...

hello :),
i have the L'Oreal Carbon Black Intense Lineur, the brush version. And i've noticed that after a few hours, my liner begins to crack, and fall off. Does this liner do the same? or does it last all day? ( up to 6 hours?)

Yuna said...

@Anonymous: on my lids it last all day however when I apply them on my bottom lash line it will flake and smudge. I have tried the brush version and it was a disappointment to me it also smudge and flake even on my top lid.