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Thursday, July 22, 2010

2NE1 x Etude Tutorial: Minzy

Minzy's look was really fun to do but it did took some time.


My Duplicate:

What I used:

1) Eyelash Glue
2) CoverGirl eyeshadow in "Turquoise Tempest"
3) Bourjois pencil liner
4) a Teal liner from Urban Decay
5) Eyelash Curler
6) Prestige eyeshadow in "Glitz"
7) False Lashes
8) MAC eyeshadow in Nehru
9) Too Faced eyeshadow primer


Apply eyeshadow primer all over the lid so the eye makeup will last all day

With a black pencil liner apply a black "V" shape on the outer corner.

Now fill half of the corner with the pencil

With a small brush blend the black liner and still keep it half of the lid.

With a teal pencil liner go ahead and fill the rest of the lid.

Apply a teal eyeshadow over the teal liner to blend.

With a matte black eyeshadow apply over the black pencil liner from earlier and blend.

With the black pencil liner again apply a little on the outer corner and blend it with the small brush again.

Apply a gold eyeshadow on the inner corner lid.

Curl and apply false lashes.


Thank you for reading!

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Fanny said...

i like it, I will try it on this weekend^^

jewels said...

The color is so brilliant, love it. Nice job.

Yuna said...

@Fanny: thank you, hope you will have fun trying it like I did :D

Yuna said...

@Jewels: thank you! :3

TsuxKuran said...

Really cool! I could never do something like this.