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Friday, July 23, 2010

2NE1 x Etude Tutorial: CL

This look is very bold, I personally wouldn't wear this out but there are ways to make it more wearable like not applying eyeliner on the inner corner.

Original Look:

My Duplicate:

What I used:

1) Too Faced Eyeshadow Primer
2) Rimmel Pencil Eyeliner
3) MAC Gel Liner
4) Eyelash Glue
5) MAC eyeshadow in "Nehru"
6) Eyelash Curler
7) False Lashes


With a black pencil liner I apply the top lid first

With a black liquid or gel liner I deepen the black

With the pencil liner again I line the bottom rim

Deepen the black again with a gel or liquid liner. Add liner to the inner corner, for a wearable look I would skip this step.

Now add a fish tail flick on the outer corner this step may take some practice to do.

With some oil-free makeup remover on a cotton swap clean out any mistakes or smudges and make the lines more define.

With any matte black eyeshadow set the liner so it will last longer.

Add false lashes and curl them.

and Finish!

Thank you for reading!

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angelgoddess said...

Hi! nice tutorial bu not about the eyeliner, how do you place fake lashes on? i have one but it doesn't stick

Yuna said...

@angelgoddess: A good eyelash glue would help the false lashes stick better, I really like "Duo" brand because their the only one that help lashes stay in place. Hope that helps.