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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Whats in my Travel Bag

I went to the Lake house during the weekend (Click here for some pictures) and thought I'd share what I had in my makeup bag before I start putting everything away. Besides a concealer I didn't bring any makeup items because I knew I would be in the water and out in the sun most of the time so I don't want to bother doing any touch ups. All I bought were my essentials ex. shampoo, body wash, face wash, etc. I find that I save a lot of money pouring them into my own containers rather then buying travel sizes. The empty containers were from Wal-Mart in the beauty tools section you can buy a whole pack for around $5 and you get a lot of different size containers.

I use this bag to store everything, this bag came with a free sample sets with any purchase from Clinique

Mirror, tissue, bandage, toner, cotton pads and mosquito bites fan protection.

Bodywash, shampoo, eye drops, face washes, creams and such.

Bringing sample beauty items that you get for free in makeup counters or Sephora is also great for traveling.

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