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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another Target Haul

It was my dayoff today so I thought I'd indulge into the clearance section at Target and found few great deals :]

A Ruffle one piece tank & dress for $13.98 I couldn't decide wither to pick the pink color ruffle or the gray one but I ended up with this color, I love how it fits perfect on me! Usually dresses like this the top would be too loose or too low, I might consider going back and get the pink one! This dress would look great with a cropped cardigan and wide belt.

Floral short/skirt for $3.74! I was going to buy this for regular price when it first came out but good thing I waited, I love how its like shorts but it looks more like a skirt and its very comfy!

Other things I bought were this cute Hello Kitty bracelet in their dollar section, coral nail polish from Rimmel and a spray bottle for my hair.

Thanks for reading! If you have any comment or question please drop them off in my comment box <3


Polly said...

I have the same troubles with one piece-two part dresses too which is sad because they're always super cute but never fit right!

Great finds! Love the polish, so summer-y :)

Yuna said...

@Polly: lol I know right? Especially cuz I have a small bust and the top part would be way too low and I'm not very comfortable with that :[ or when its too flappy and slouchy so it looks weird on me xD

Candice said...

i love target, i seriously buy so many clothes there!!! great post, and cool blog too :)


Yuna said...

@Candice: lol same and I love the deals there! :D
Aww thank you and thank you for reading! :3