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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tips: Prevent Eyeshadow Fallout

This question was asked from one of my anonymous reader, I thought I should make a post about this.

Heres a tip on how to remove eyeshadow pigment fallouts especially if you're someone like me who apply foundation before eyeshadow. Its really annoying to have specks of eyeshadows on you cheek and when you wipe them off the colors starts to smear and the foundation you did earlier is ruin. Everyone has their own method, here are some I sometimes do...

Before Foundation
Most people prefer applying eyeshadow before foundation that way they can remove the pigment fallouts with a makeup remover in a cotton ball.

Putting a index card or tissue underneath:
A great tip I use often, the card is like a shield to protect your cheeks from the fallouts. Tissues or napkins will also do the trick.

Translucent Face Powder
After foundation, applying a thick translucent powder on you cheeks before your eyeshadow, any inexpensive brand will do the trick.

Once eyeshadow are done use a soft powder brush to dust off the powder and the eyeshadow fallout on the top layout will come off too.

Tapping off your brush:
This method I also often use when I apply my eyeshadow which is tapping the extras that can cause fallouts before applying. I know your probably wondering if you tap it off it defeats the purpose of getting the product in the brush... You just need to tap off lightly to get rid of the lose shadows.

That is pretty much all I know, if you think you have more tips feel free to comment and share, thank you for reading! :D

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