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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jewelry in ziplock bags

Thought I share how I keep my jewelry dust and tarnish free. I use this method for a year so far and I think it works, I would love to keep my jewelry on pretty holders but if I do that it will tarnish, I had to throw out all my tarnished jewelry because it got so bad to the point where I can't clean it. You can purchase the small bags at walmart in the craft section.

Most of my jewelry are inexpensive and I buy them from everywhere places like H&M, wetseal, target, thrift shops, small shops in NY and online.

My necklaces, I hang them on my wall, the plastic bags also help them from getting tangled together.

Bracelet bangles, for the plastic bangles I keep them out no need to cover them :]

Earrings and rings. Some of the plastic rings I have I leave them out.

thanks for reading! If you have any questions or request please comment me.

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