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Saturday, November 14, 2009


From Target:
In the dollar section I got some notebooks to write my work schedule and notes and also a cute Hello Kitty pencil :D

From Wal-Mart:
I don't usually go to Wal-mart because the ones near my house never restock the items so I don't bother but today I went to visit my sister and she needed some groceries and decided to go to Super WalMart or Walmart Supercenter lol near her house. I never been to Super Wal-Mart before so it was pretty cool how they have groceries and department stuff in one. We went to check out the beauty section and to my surprise I saw Hard Candy! I was standing there for hours looking at every item and reading the boxes, the packaging is gorgeous, if you remember the old Hard Candy that sold in Sephora most of the packaging is very pastel and girly. I got two bronzers, two blushes, two mascaras and 3 lipsticks. I stop myself from getting eyeshadows because I have enough eyeshadows as is in my makeup stash.

I haven't try them out yet but hopefully I would like them since they're hits and misses, see what happens.

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