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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tutorial: Amuro Namie's Baby Don't Cry Inspire

Heres my attempt to do Amuro Namie's Baby Don't Cry album cover look. Hope you like it.


My finish look

What I use:
1) Eyelash Curler
2) Sally Girl Shadow in "Purple Passion"
3) Sally Girl Shadow in "Midnight" or any black shadow
4) Revlon Matte Shadow in "Aubergine"
5) Revlon Cream Shadow in "U Rock!"
6) Boujoris Club Liquid Liner
7) Rimmel Eyeliner in "Purple Shock"
8) Black Rimmel Eyeliner
9) L'oreal Voluminous Mascara
10) Eyeshadow brush, crease brush and small crease brush

Step 1) Apply a purple cream shadow all over the lid so the shadows are more vibrant

Step 2) Apply a light lilac shadow over the cream shadow

Step 3) Opps I accidentally erase the pictures for this step but what I did was apply Sally's Girl Shadow in "Purple Passion" over the lilac shadow and also apply then in the lower lid.

Step 4) With a crease brush apply a dark purple shadow on the outer corner

Step 5) Apply a pencil liner on the top lid

Step 6) Apply liquid liner, I drew out lines on where you should apply eyeliner on the top and bottom.

Step 7) With a small crease brush apply a black shadow over the liner so theirs no harsh lines

Step 8) Now with a purple eyeliner apply on top of the black liner make sure not to mix in with the black. Then with a brush soften the purple liner

Step 9) Finally curl your lashes and apply mascara


Thanks for reading! Any question just leave me a comment :]


Rue said...

Wow, so pretty! food steady hands~hehe! ;p

Yuna's Fashion Blog said...

thank you lol

Anonymous said...

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