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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Drugstore Haul

Drugstore Haul

I saw the CVS sunday ad about their Buy One Get One Free on Neutrogena's makeup last night so this morning I head to CVS before work and got 4 items.

I got the Mineral Sheers Concealer and the Healthy Skin Bronzer which I heard awesome things about the two. I also saw that they had a 40% off on all Rimmel cosmetics so I went and grab two of my favorite mascaras Lashmaxxx and Sexy Curves both waterproof.

Neutrogena cosmetics are so overpriced compare to other drugstore brands so I never buy anything from it so this sale was worth it.

The Neutrogena sale is over after tuesday so if theirs something you want from this brand then hurry to your CVS before its over! I assume that the sale is the same in all CVS stores in the U.S if not please let me know :]

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