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Friday, June 5, 2009

Tutorial: Everyday Wear (Face)

Tutorial: Everyday Wear (Face)

Here's a Part 2 of my "Everyday Wear", this tutorial will be on foundation. I didn't apply bronzers, highlighters or lipstick because I wanted to look wearable for everyday either for school or work.

Click here for Part 1 (eyes)

Finish Look:

What I'm Using:

1) Smashbox Photofinish Primer in "Light"
2) Revlon ColorStay Foundation
3) L'oreal Bare Naturale Loose Foundation
4) Sugar Fix Concealer
5) NYX Blush in "Angel"
6) Flat top foundation brush (E.L.F)
7) Blush Brush (Eco Tools)
8) Foundation Brush (MAC Xmas edition)

1) Apply foundation primer, this step is optional. What it does is it smooth out your skin before foundation. A good cream/lotion can do the same job as well.

2) Apply concealer on any dark under eye circles and also blemishes around the face. You can use your fingers to blend them or a foundation brush

3) Now apply foundation, you can use liquid, loose or pressed powder, mousse etc its endless whatever you prefer works for you. Here I am using a liquid foundation and using a clean sponge to apply, I prefer sponges because it glides on smoothly and not as streaky as a brush usually do. Downside is they tend to suck up a lot of product.

4)Now I apply a loose powder to help set my foundation so it will last longer. Instead of dipping my brush into the actual jar I like to sprinkle some on the tissue and get the product from there that way I don't contaminate the product.

Now apply a soft pink blush, I choose this color because its very natural on the face and its not too pink

Apply a lipbalm or a pink lip gloss and you're finish!

Thanks for reading!

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aiza said...

this is easy n nice too..
now i don't need to worry about my everyday look to go to class...
thanx yuna for gave me a gorgeous tutorial!!!!