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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Haul: Victoria Secret and a mini MAC

Haul: Victoria Secret and a mini MAC

I heard that Victoria Secret is having a 75% off sale on all of their "Very Sexy" line makeup so I went to the closes one by my house to check it out. Luckily not everything was sold out and their was a lot of ladies crowding the makeup section. I did manage to grab some for myself :D

The reason why its all on sale because they're coming out with a new packaging and wants to get rid of the old ones.

And I also went to CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet) to pick up a MAC pigment in Antique Green.

As for VS my whole total was 27.83 for 8 items, its a deal!

4 Lipsticks each of them are mostly nude colors. $3.00 each

Mosaic eyeshadow and highlighter. $4.50 each

A lipgloss $3.00 and a lip brush $2.50

And a MAC pigment in Antique Green

If you have a Victoria Secret near you check out the sale soon! It cost more on they're website so I suggest checking out the store.

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