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Monday, May 18, 2009

Review: Revlon Mineral Finishing Powder

Review: Revlon Mineral Finishing Powder

Note: Please know that reviews are my opinion everyone has their own opinion not everyone has the same skin.

Revlon has always been my favorite drugstore brand and I just LOVE their colorstay line, especially the foundations and liners its amazing. When I saw these new powders on display the other day I instantly though of MAC's Mineralize Skinfinishes (I'm sure you would too) because of the dome shape powder and the veins.

It is their new product in the ColorStay line "Mineral Finishing Powder" I went to grab all three I bought them without having a second thought whether if its good or not because knowing that their Colorstay line never fails on me so I assume they were good lol

I got them at CVS for around $12 the Target and Wal-mart near my house don't have them out yet because its a new product.

Brighten: is more of a highlighter its a frosty pink with silver shimmers however texture is not very smooth its sort of rough and pigmentation is very light but makes a nice highlighter. Rating: 4/5

Suntan Matte: is more of a bronzer, although they name it matte it still has a hint of bronze shimmer but not very noticeable, texture is amazingly smooth out of the two and color payoff is great. One warning is it has a orange undertone so use this product very lightly otherwise it won't look natural on. Rating 5/5

Sunkiss: a beautiful bronzer, it is darker then Suntan Matte however the texture is like brighten, grainy, but still a great product and very pigmented with gold shimmers. Rating 5/5

Comparing it with the MAC MSF (Mineralized Skinfinish) in Petticoat. As size goes the Revlon is 8.79g and MAC is 10g only a few grams difference. For price, Revlon runs about $10-$12 depending on where you get them as of MAC its around $25.

Is it comparable to MAC?: Sort of, if you own the MSF you would know that the texture and pigmentation is little better but I think its still the closest and cheapest alternative to MSF.

Would I buy this again?: Yes, as a drugstore brand I do love it!

I hope this review helps, thanks for reading!

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