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Monday, March 23, 2009

NYX Lipgloss Review

NYX Lipgloss Review

I am going to review my new favorite lip glosses from the brand called "NYX" that I purchase from www.nonpareilboutique.com which is my number one site to go to purchase NYX stuff aside from Cherry Culture.

I have 5 GOTN (Goddess of the Night) glosses and 5 Round Glosses. Theirs not much differences between the two kinds except the GOTN is a little thicker consistency and smells like a hint of cherry while the Round Lip gloss is tinner and smells like lemon dish soap lol but I don't mind the smell really. Both are really pigmented and they have variety of shades in matte or shimmer. Its hard for me to choose which I like better because I like both equally.

1) Pink Frost - is my least favorite shade because of the frost, i'm not a big fan of frosty lips and I don't know what I was thinking when I got this.

2) Beige - Although they say beige it looks like mauve o_o but I really like this color it has no shimmer so its matte and really nice for a natural lip color.

3) La-La- In the tube it looks like a hot neon pink (camera doesn't show well) but on the lips its just a pretty light pink with no shimmer

4) Perfect - Is just a simple light peach gloss with a little shimmer, the colors doesn't show up on my lips so its quite sheer.

5) Baby Rose - Is a very light pink sheer color with shimmers, basically acts like a clear gloss with shimmers.

6) Muave - A beautiful mauve color, this is a matte shade and they show up very nicely on my lips! My favorites

7) Ballerina Pink - a really nice barbie pink, this is such a cute shade and does contain very little shimmer.

8) Doll - is a hot pink shade, this gloss really shows the hot pink on my lips! I just use it very lightly so it looks natural.

9) Caffe Latte - is a nude color, perfect color if you do that smokey eye look

10) Whipped- a peachy nude color, this is also my favorite nude color and its matte.

Applicators GOTN: left and Round Lipgloss: right. As you can tell from the image they are sponge tip applicators. Most people prefer brush because sponge applicators tend to get less product out of the tube so people usually have to apply them many times but for the GOTN applicator is a little longer then the Round lipgloss which I like better because it grabs more product but really it doesn't matter for me.

Price: GOTN is $3.98 and Round Lipgloss $2.00
Rating: 5/5
Would I buy this again?: yes!

Thanks for reading!

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