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Friday, November 14, 2008

Maybelline XXL Series Review

Maybelline XXL Mascara Series Review

I've always love all Maybelline mascaras and I prefer drugstore brand over high-ends because it works just the same, its cheaper and mascaras can only last up to 2-3 months depending on the smell also I don't feel bad when I toss a drugstore brand to the trash when it gets bad compare to the expensive ones.

When I see mascara's with a primer combo I buy them its two in one so its convenient! That way I don't have to buy a separate primer. What a primer does is it makes your lashes fuller and holds the curls all day, at least thats what I know of.

Here I will do a review on all three of their series (except for the waterproof versions).

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from left to right:
Volume & Length, Curlpower and Extension

Volume & Length: This is one of their first series, it also came out in waterproof version. It does good with volume but not too much of a length however I have to apply it many times to achieve the length, its an okay mascara.
Rating: 8/10

CurlPower: This one does a good job with length and curl but not too much of a volume, better then the "lenth & volume" and I love how its in a curve shape brush so its easy to get every corner. One complaint is their brush is too huge and since its in a curve whenever I try to put it back inside the tube the mascara gets on the rims and makes it messy so i have to wipe it each time.
Rating: 9/10

Extension: This is by far the best out of the first two series, I'm assuming that the formula gets better? It does give length and volume, my most favorite.
Rating: 10/10

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