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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Eyeko Eyershadow Tin

Eyeko Eyershadow Tin

I was browsing through cherryculture.com and was surprise to find this!

Eyeko Eyeshadow Tin for $12.00! Such a cute packaging and it reminds me of Pop Beauty Eye Cake but cuter! Eyeko is a UK brand at Eyeko.com They also have a U.S site which is Eyekousa.com which in the U.S. site they don't have much product there =/

I have not purchase these because i'm not so sure hows the pigmentation, I have purchase the Pop Beauty Eye Cake and i'm sorry but their not that good so I had to give it away. I know their different brands and all but still I want to see what other people think of it. If you have them please let me know how is it.

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