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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Foundation Tutorial

Foundation Tutorial

This tutorial was requested by several people, sorry it took so long! Since the weather is still hot i'm only using minerals, liquid foundation I use during winter. Also I don't use bronzer because I like to look like I have a brighter skin.

Their are many ways of putting foundation but this is how I do them.

Finished Look:

If want a tutorial on this eye look Click Here

First thing after I cleanse my face in the morning and moisturized I prime my face, what it does is that it makes my foundation application smoother and last longer if I plan to have it on all day.
I'm using M.A.C face primer, their are many primers out their theirs one from revlon, rimmel, lancome etc.

Next I put on concealer to hide blemishes or under eye circles from staying the night before doing last minute homework. Apply them with your ring finger and use dabbing motion since your eye is the most gentle.
I'm using Sally Hanson concealer and its ammmmmazing!

Next step I apply foundation with a flat top brush.
Brush and Foundation is from Everyday Minerals

Apply blush on the apples of your cheek and don't overload the blush, i've seen girls done it before o_o
I'm using Revlon's Floral Affair blush in Pinking of you

I apply a highlighter on the bridge of my nose and on top of my cheek bones to give a nice glow =]
I'm using Milani's shimmer stripes

Once I'm done with everything set I set the look with a translucent setting powder
I'm using Everyday minerals

This is optional but I like to spray mineral water when i'm done so that everything clings to my skin and nothing too cakey or powdery.
Evian Facial Spray or just plain water =]


Thanks for reading, any comments or questions please drop them in my comment box =]

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