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Monday, September 1, 2008

Green and Blue Shadows

Tutorial: Green and Blue Shadows

Hey heres tutorial on green and blue look, very settle and not as vibrant so that you can wear it anywhere.

Heres what you'll need:

1) Stila Smudge Pots in black (Sephora.com or L'oreal HIP Cream Shadows)
2) Bourjois White shadow (Ulta.com or any white shadows)
3) Prestige in Glitz (Ulta.com/Rite Aid or L'oreal Hip Shadow Duo in Flamboyant)
4) Sally Girl in Glow Green (Sallys Beauty Supply or Cover Girl shadow in Lime Alive)
5) Mac in Clarity (or Alantis by Milani)
6) Eyeliner brush, Crease Brush, two shadow brush, and one small shadow brush
7) Cover Girl Lash Blast in black
8) Maybelline Lash Discovery in Black
9) Urban Decay Primer Potion
10) NYX Shadow Stick in Yellow (Cherryculture.com)
11) Eyelash Curler

Prime your eyes then use the NYX cream shadow stick all over the lid

Grab the green shadow and put it on top of the yellow

using a crease brush take the blue and put on the outer corner

Take a small shadow brush and put the yellow on the inner corner of the eye

With another small shadow brush take the blue again and put it on the bottom close to the waterline.

Use a big fluffy shadow brush and using a white shadow start highlighting the top and blending the shadows so theirs no harsh lines.

Start Lining your eyes (Tutorial), Curl your lashes and Mascara (I use two one for top and the lash discovery one for bottom).


Thanks for reading! Any questions or Comments please post them in my comment box!

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