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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fixing broken shadows

Fixing broken eyeshadow

We all know its painful when we accidentally drop a eyeshadow and it shatters =[

but no worries, heres a tutorial to get your eyeshadow lookin new!

Their are a lot of ways people do them, but here's my way

For a larger view please click on the images.

What you'll need...

1) Clear bag
2) Broken eyeshadow of course =]
3) A quarter or anything thats the same size as a quarter
4) A piece of fabric, you can also you a thick paper towel
5) A fork to stir
6) Alcohol

First empty your shadow into a clear bag

Make sure you clean your pan with alcohol.

Crush the shadows into pigments

Now take your scissors and cut the edge part

Pour into some kind of mixing bowl(Sorry forgot to mention that in "what you need")

Pour alcohol but not too much and start mixing it, make sure their thick and gooey like, not watery, if you happen to make it too watery just let it dry until it becomes thick. And don't worry once alcohol dries it dissolves so it's safe for the eyes

Pour it back into the pan

Get your coin and a cloth

Then wrap the cloth around the coin like this

Start pressing it on the shadow until its solid and smooth

Let it dry till the next day and you can use your new shadow again! =]

Thanks for reading! Any comments or questions please drop it in the comment box =D

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