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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tutorial: Simple Eye Look, Drugstore brand version

This is the drugstore brand version, I'll do another version using high-end products.

1) Revlon quad in Copper Spice
2) Revlon cream shadow in Skinlights
3) Eyelash curler any brand that works for you
4) Rimmel eye magnifier mascara
5) Small bleanding eye shadow brush the brand i'm using is "Posh"
6) Any eye shadow brush, mines from Target
7) Revlon Colorstay eyeliner in Black
8) Maybelline liquid liner in black
9) Milani eyeshadow in white lily

First put on a base for the eyeshadow, i'm using the first color

Grab the eyeliner and start tightlining

grab a light color brown eyeshadow from the palette and put it on over your lid

like this

Then grab the darkest brown and put it on your outer corner

grab the liquid liner or use a pencil liner if your not good with using it and start lining

give it a little wing. Sorry for the watery eyes here >.<

now use a white shimmery eyeshadow

put it on your outercorner

now curl your lashes

put on some mascara

and your done! =]




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