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Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Skincare

My Skincare

You don't have to follow this but it works for me, back in high school my face use to be flooded with acne that I was even scared of taking pics with friends! Even when I enter college I had so many so I had it and decided to take care of my face more often and now I'm happy with my face, few acne scars though from the past but its healing =]

Just to let you know I have combination skin meaning oily t-zone and dry skin in other areas. So if you have the same type then read on! =]

When cleansing my face I rotate products around because I realize when I use the same product day and night everyday I still break out but when I use different products I don't. Yeah maybe because my skin gets use to the same product so I have to use something different everyday lol weird huh, but here's what I use everyday...


- Olay pore refining mousse (which is my fav cleanser ever!)

or some morning I use Clean & Clear Morning Burst Shine Control Facial Scrub (New to this product but it doesn't irritate my skin and it smells great!)

-Moisturizer I use Lancome Bienfait Multi-vital SPF 30 suncreen

or Olay complete defense SPF 30.


-Since its summer time I only use Clean & Clear Deep action cream cleanser because my room gets super hot in summer and before I go to bed I use this cleanser to help refresh my face and helps me sleep because of the tingly and cold feeling.

-Moisturizer I only use Crean & Clear Night cream (the new they just came out, this stuff is amazing, its super soft and you get a lot!)

As you can see i'm a clean & clear fan xD I don't believe in spending too much on cleaners because their gone faster then creams.

Do this twice a week:

-or Once a week if you have dry skin but do exfoliate your skin every week, what it does is that it rubs off dead skin and a layer of dirt thats been sitting on your skin even after cleansing (that doesn't mean that cleaning is no use, its still important). Not only that after exfoliating your skin will feel amazingly soft and your foundation will go on much smoother!

Product I like for exfoliating:

-Neutrogena Deep Clean Scrub, although I know some people it irritates their skin but it works wonders for me.

-Otherwise I heard that using aspirin as a face scrub is a great substitution, just get three aspirin pills mix it with a water and honey and use it as a scrub.
*BEWARE! Exfoliating can make your skin really dry so make sure you moisturize afterwards.

As for mask I don't use because I think exfoliating my skin twice a week is good enough.

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