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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Haul: Korean Cosmetics and My Scheming Masks

My Scheming Masks 
I took a trip to Chinatown New York and got 3 boxes of face mask since they were really cheap that I only paid 3 for $19.99.  I was a little skeptical at first wondering if they're real or fake but after standing in the store and inspecting the box for a long time while the sales lady staring at me the whole time I can confirm that it's real lol.  They also had a lot of My Beauty Diary and other brands but I decided to get them next time.

The Face Shop
While in Chinatown I stop by The Face Shop and got two sleeping masks pact to try.  Last year I got their Aqua Drop Sleeping mask and I really enjoyed using it. 

Last month Misshaus.com had a friends and family sale going on so I ordered almost their whole Super Aqua Snail line and received plenty face mask as a free gift.  I read so many positive reviews on their Snail line so I wanted to give it a try.  So far I tried their Cell Renew Snail Cream and I absolutely love it!  If you're interested right now at Misshaus.com the snail line is on sale for 30% along with other products they offer, the sale ends 9/2
Super Aqua Snail Slime Set
Super Aqua Snail Slime BB Cream and Eyelash Curler

I got MORE blushes added to my makeup collection as if I don't have enough!  Seriously I can't help it I love blushes!  2 from Tony Moly, 3 The Face Shop and 1 Skinfood.  I also got all 4 shades of the Etude House Kissful Tint Chou lip stain.

If you're interested in a review on any of these items or swatches let me know!   Eventually I will review them once I get to play with them long enough. 

Thank you for reading and sticking around, sorry for the lack of posts, I will try to make more blog post >.<

Disclaimer:  I purchase everything

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