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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Current Favorites

Missha Misa Golden Snowflake Eyecream
This eye cream is amazing, it's so emollient and moisturizing that I only need a little so it will last me for quite a while!  One thing I dislike is the pot packaging, if I have long nails it's hard to get the product out.  Although its summer now and my under eye is not as dry so this can get too heavy on me but I would like to try others.  

Tony Moly Tomatox magic white massage pack and Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream 
To be honest the main reasons why I purchase these were the packaging but of course I was also curious if they were as great as most people claimed.  So far I'm loving them! 

The Tomatox really does brighten my skin after I apply it as a mask for 15-20 minutes.  As a spot acne scar treatment I don't see much of a difference but as an overall complexion I do see a brighter skin.

For the Appletox, I massage a quarter size amount all over my face and after a few minutes of massaging you would see peeling bits starts forming and after I rinse them off my skin feels very smooth.  I find the results very refreshing and nice.

Both creams smells amazing and I can see myself reusing the packaging after I finish them up!

Missha Vita Moisture BB Cream
This is one of the hidden BB Creams that not much people talk about or tried before.  I found myself using this mostly in the winter and spring seasons as my skin was dryer and it apply so smoothly on my skin while still provide moisture.  I received this as a free gift when I purchased from Missha a while ago but if it wasn't for the free gift I wouldn't have tried this either!  

Maybelline Chai Latte Quad (Old Packaging)
One of the best natural drugstore eyeshadow quad out there.  I find myself using all four of the shades for my everyday look, the only shade that is a tad chalky is the shimmer nude one but I still make it work.

Attirer Puff Cotton Squares
I will never by western brand cotton rounds or squares ever again, after I discover this one.  The texture of this puff is very soft so it doesn't scratch my skin and it doesn't tear apart or break unlike most drugstore brands plus it doesn't eat up all your toner or makeup remover.  I purchase this from Sasa for $3.50

Lumene Sensitive Touch Serum
This was on sale for $5 at sears so I wanted to give it a try but good thing I got it on sale.  First off I couldn't stand the smell, they claim it suppose to smell like linen and I usually enjoy the scent of linens but this one was just awful and made want to puke!  Second it did poorly on how it applies, the serum just sat on top of my skin and didn't really sink.  I gave this product a chance by trying it for a week but it was a no-no for me :[

Disclaimer: I purchased everything

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