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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Review: Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base

Where to purchase: Ulta, Walgreens.  Check their website for other locations
Price: around $1.99

What Essence says: (their website)
the i love stage – eyeshadow base has to get on stage! it can be applied diversely either as primer for concealers or eye shadows. the creamy texture does not crease, makes the eye shadow last longer and appear much more color intensive. for an even eye make-up waiting for its gig on stage!

My Review:
I was on a hunt for a cheaper price eyeshadow base compare to Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion which I love both very much but I was determine to find an affordable one so I found this at my local Ulta store.  I remember hearing a review from one of the beauty blogger on how much she love this product and how it kept her eyeshadow on all day so I was convinced and for the price ($1.99) I had to try it.  After trying it for more then half a year I'm not so happy with this product. 

(Left: with Primer, Right: Without Primer)

-My eyeshadow started creasing after 3 hours and I haven't gone through half of my day yet!  It was a mess, all my shadows I apply in the morning were in a form of a oily line on my lid, I was so disappointed.

-It did intensify the color of my eyeshadow but honestly a concealer can do the same job.
-I like the light, creamy, non-sticky texture, unlike the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion it feels sticky and heavy on my lids.

Final Thoughts:
I have really oily eyelids, without primer no eyeshadow can last on me for more then 30 minutes without creasing!  Sometimes at the end of the day I can still see slight creasing even with Too Faced and Urban Decay primers.  Unfortunately this primer didn't work for me but that doesn't stop me from trying other Essence products in the future.

Rating: 2/5
Would I repurchase?: no

I will continue to use this primer for tutorial purpose on this blog as it does make my eyeshadows more vibrant and visible when I'm taking photos.

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Disclaimer: I purchase this product.  Please remember what doesn't work for me doesn't mean it might not for you, everyone's skin is different.  

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