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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Haul: The Body Shop, Sephora and Sasa

They had a lot of good sales at Sasa during after the holidays and I purchased mostly skincare.  I'm trying out as many skincare brands out there and see whats best for me.

1) Scinic Pore Toner
2) HadaLabo Rentinol Lotion
3) HARUHADA Collagen Moisture Cleansing Water
4) JUJU Cosmetics AQUAMOIST Essence Twin Pack - Hyaluronic Acid Essence and Whitening Essence
5) Naruko Rose Toner
6) JUJU Cosmetics Peach Spray Toner
7) De Herbs hyaluronic serum

I did purchase one makeup item, which is a liquid liner from Heroine Kiss Me Makeup, at the moment its okay, I still need more time in using it.  I also purchase 2 bags of the cotton puff, these are absolutely soft! 

The Body Shop 
I purchase more skincare from The Body Shop since they were doing a 50% off sale on everything plus I use my membership 10% discount on top of it.  It's been a while since I use their skincare so I wanted to give it a try again plus their customer service was excellent!   
(Left to right) Vitamin C Skin Boosting Capsule, Vitamin C Skin Boosting Serum, Vitamin C Facial Spray, Vitamin E Face Mist, Vitamin E Hydrating Toner an Tea Tree Night Lotion. 

Since I had a gift card I wasn't sure what to get at Sephora, I have so much makeup already and I just purchase a lot of skincare products from Sasa and The Body Shop.  So I end up spending it on a lot of Shiseido cotton puff! lol  I heard so many great things about this so I wanted to give it a try.  Although that looks a lot I do use cotton puffs quite frequently so these will be finished up in no time.  

So far I'm very happy with my purchases, some items I already opened up and tried, I will give you reviews in the future on what I think of everything.  Thank you all for reading!

Disclaimer: I bought everything except for the Sephora, it was a gift card gift from a friend <3 p="p">


Cake-Pie said...

Hi Yuna! Looks like some seriously fun hauling (: It's a little hard to tell what some of the items are, would you be able to list them?

Yuna said...

@Cake-Pie: Sorry, I will update it ^^