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Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012 Favorite Products

Here are some of my most used and loved products of 2012!  A lot of skincare favorites in this post,  I've been experimenting and focusing more with skincare then makeup, I've come to realize if you don't have smooth skin your makeup will not apply nicely so skincare is very important.

 Missha's MISA Golden Snowflake Eye Cream If you didn't know I am obsess with Missha's Misa Golden Snowflake Overnight Cream so the eye cream is just as good, very moisturizing especially if you have dry under eyes.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Facial Radiance Capsules I was quite surprise how smooth and velvet this felt on my skin, on some nights I would open one capsule and apply it all over my face and my neck.  The texture feels like putting on a silicon base primer, so I can imagine using this product as a primer before applying makeup.  Although this product is quite expensive at $28.00, so I would purchase this when it's on sale at The Body Shop since they have sales quite often. 

De Herbs 100% Hyaluronic Acid Serum (Purchase at Sasa.com) I just have to say, this serum is AMAZING!  It doesn't feel greasy, the texture is gel like and it does keep the moisture in your skin.  I apply the serum after using the Watson's Rose Toner and both products together really does wonders!  Unfortunately the toner is very hard to get a hold of when you're living in the states because this is only available in Asia or countries that has a Watson store, I purchase mine from China and I wished I bought more!

The Face Shop Aqua Drop Sleeping Mask At least 1-2 times a week I apply this sleeping face mask at night and in the morning I just rinse it off with a cleanser.  I bet you're wondering "What?  a mask to bed?"  trust me, the texture of this mask is gel-like and very light weight, it feels like a moisturizer and it sinks into the skin really nicely and by morning your skin will feel very smooth! 

Bausch & Lomb Eye Relief Eye Wash I highly suggest everyone to use any kind of Eye Wash product even if you don't wear eye makeup daily.  This product really helps wash away all the dirt and dust off your eyes and I promise you your vision will be so much clearer after using this and your eyes will well refresh and relief. 

L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadows I found myself reaching for these eyeshadows more often and I love the shimmery finish they give out and they're very pigmented.

Inglot Eyeshadows This is a custom made palette I created from their website, these eyeshadows are so pigment, a little goes a long way and the price is cheaper then Mac pan eyeshadows especially when you wait for their 20% off promotions, even better!

Maybelline Eye Studio Palette in "Caffeine Rush" In my opinion this maybelline palette is the best one they ever released, the pigmentation is excellent and I found myself using every single shade which is rare when I purchase already made palettes because theirs always one or two shades I would never touch.  The size of the palette is perfect for traveling, no waste of extra packaging and the sparkly shade on top is gorgeous especially in the inner corners or lower lash line.  I can't raved enough of this product, I love it!!

Now for the finale, the new brand I discover in 2012 that I found myself using the most is Alpha Hydrox  (SITE) I love almost all of their AHA lines, they all work well with my skin and controlling my acne.  If you're wondering what is AHA, I recommend you watch this video (LINK)
That is all, I can't wait to see what new products are out there that I haven't tried for 2013!

 Disclaimer: I purchase everything.

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