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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tutorial: Summer Look (2012)

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Finish Look:

What I used:

Step 1) Apply a creamy blue eyeshadow all over the lid, this will be the base for the turquoise eyeshadow.

Step 2) With a crease brush apply a soft brown eyeshadow on the crease, this will help define the crease. 

Step 3)  With a clean eyeshadow brush, apply the turquoise eyeshadow on the lid.

Step 4) With a same crease brush from "Step 2" blend out the soft brown shade with the turquoise creating a soft gradient. 

Step 5) With a pencil brush, apply a darker matte brown shade on the outer corner only.

Step 6) Apply a nude matte shadow on the brow bone and blend out any harsh lines.

Step 7) With a liner brush line the bottom lash line with a deep blue shade.

Step 8)  Final step line the top lid with a black liner, curl lashes and apply your favorite mascara

and we're done!

Thank you very much for reading!

Disclaimer: I purchase everything used in this tutorial.


Picasso_Esque said...

This is gorgeous! I love how all of the colours compliment each other, and POP. Amazing work. :)

Mickey said...

Love this eye make. Blue looks gorgeous with your eyes.

Yuna said...

@Picasso_Esque: thank you ^^

Yuna said...
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Yuna said...

@Mickey: thank you, I always thought blue never looks good on me unless I use them with neutral colors hehe

Yuna said...
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Fanny said...

lovely tutorial ^^