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Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Weekly Life 1

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I will be making a post about what I do in life that is not related to beauty or fashion, I thought it will be interesting for my readers to get to know me more and hopefully I can interact with you all if we have the same interest besides makeup, I'm always open to make new friends :]

Now to start my week...

Every morning I always have a nice homemade ice coffee in my reusable cup, in the winter it's usually hot coffee.  I'm a huge coffee lover, I have to have at least a cup a day, if I don't have time to make it at home I usually go buy one but I'm trying to be good and make my own at home to save money. 

My daily vitamins: Multivitamins, Fish Oil and Vitamin D.  I take Vitamin D because I don't get enough sun.

Since it's the new month I made a new budget chart, every time i make a purchase I write down how much I spend that way I can keep track so I don't go over my spending limit.  My spending limit is usually half of my monthly salary while the other half goes to my savings, saving money woo woo!

For a mid day snack while at work I had watermelon and a cucumber, tomato and egg salad that I prepare the night before.  Not on a diet or trying to be healthy or anything these are just my favorite summer snacks. 

another favorite snack is the salt and vinegar chips, this stuff is sooo addicting!

After coming home from work I received two packages one from ebay and other from Sephora, will be posting a haul on what I got soon!

Last weekend their was a huge thunderstorm in my area.  The wind was so powerful it knock down a lot of power lines so we left with no power and internet for 2 days.  Of course my phone battery died so I had to go to the bookstore which still have power to charge my phone, it was so pack in the store that I had to find the available plug in the children's section xD

Face mask after a long day at work, sometimes I like to treat myself in these, it really refreshes your skin and it feels nice :]  I only use the Asian brand beauty masks since they're usually the sheet kind, I don't like the mud or clay mask you buy in drugstores in the states, I feel like they're not moisturizing enough.

Help baby sitting my baby niece whenever I'm off from work, shes such a cutie ^^

My homemade passion tea in reusable cup for the afternoon, love this stuff, taste just like the ones at Starbucks!

Manage to find time to make a makeup tutorial that I will be posting soon, here's a sneak peak of what I will be using!

In the middle of cleaning my makeup brushes, every end of the week I wash them including the small jars I recycle from empty eye creams, sample jars or empty eyeliner jar, they're really good for traveling.

At Harris Teeter they had a double coupon week where you can double your manufacturer coupon amount, I got all three for less than $5!  Kotex U pads which is my favorite pads, Tazo Green Tea Latte which I'm trying to recreate Starbucks Ice Green Tea Latte and a hair dye for my Mom.  

My brother manage to get 2 free movie tickets with free drink and popcorn and he was kind enough to give them to my and my boyfriend.  I haven't use them yet but I will soon, we haven't been to a movie theater together for so long. 

On July 4th I spend some time with my boyfriend and my family, we did our ghetto version of a Korean BBQ and it was really yummy!

Afterwards we watch my nieces and nephew play with sparklers and watch fireworks which is really close to our house. 

During the weekend I went to a friend's wedding, it was truly beautiful and I had a great time.

That was the end of my week!  I hope you enjoyed these kind of post ^^

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