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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Blog Contest Winner!

Finally I just had power and internet, now I can announce my winner.
First here is how I do the random.org.

I had 20 entries so put min 1 and max 20
I hit generate and it randomly picked 4

I made a list on notepad on all the entries ordering by time and date entered
As you can see #4 is Picasso_Esque, congratulations!  I've send you a email already, and thank you to everyone who entered, please don't hate at me if you didn't win :( I promise to do more contest in the future with multiple winners.  This one was my first and I wanted to see how it goes and it looks like it went smoothly :]

One more thing Shout out to all my Malaysia readers!  I had so many from there and I was surprise, I didn't expect to get many readers outside of the US ^^


Mickey said...

Congratulations picasso-esque!

Yuna have you ever done Jiyeon from T-Ara make up.??

Yuna said...

@Mickey: I never done her makeup before but I'll add that to my list :D

Picasso_Esque said...

Thank you so much for the opportunity Yuna :D

churippu farah said...

A bit dissapointed..hehe

Picasso_Esque said...

I got the packages today. Thank you again so much for the opportunity and the letter. :)