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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Review: Missha's MISA Golden Snowflake Overnight Cream

Price: $55.99 (you can get it for so much cheaper when Missha's U.S website does a sale), I got mine for around $30 during the sale
Where to purchase: Missha's Website or any Korean beauty shop around you

My Skin Type: Combo/dry, oily T-Zone, dry spots usually on my chin and occasional breakouts around the chin area as well.

I try to google Missha's description on this cream in English but unfortunately I can't find one.  Since I can't read Korean I'm unable to translate it but I can tell you that this a anti-aging night face cream that helps rejuvenate and hydrates the skin with all the added herbal extracts. 

- Very moisturizing, I apply this at night and my skin feels smooth and plump till the morning
- Great product for dry skin or dry skin during the winter
- Doesn't cause me to have breakouts which is a plus!

- Not a good cream if you have oily skin
- Has a very strong herbal scent, if you're very sensitive with smell you might not like this
- Quite expensive but with the sale price it's worth it consider it contains 140ml which is a lot!

I don't think anyone reviewed this cream yet but I can tell you that this is my true HG face cream and I already have a backup of this!  I'm not sure about the anti-aging factor since I'm not at the age where I have so many winkles but I love how it keeps my dry skin moisturized.
During the winter I heavily relied on this moisturizer since it's the only cream that actually works on me, even my former favorite "Vanicream" started to fail on me the more I use it.  I notice with every skincare items I like I would use them everyday and then my skin will start to get use to it and slowly they don't work for me anymore but this cream is an exception, it never let me down.  Although this cream feels very rich/thick but once it sinks into the skin it feels very soft and smooth.  If you have dry skin or dry skin during cold seasons I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this cream to you.

Rating: 5/5

Would I repurchase?:  I already did!

Thank you for reading!

Disclaimer: I purchase this item


Picasso_Esque said...

I like your honesty in this review.

Too bad that it's heavily scented though. :( I am one of those who doesn't like heavy scents TT

Yuna said...

@Picasso_Esque: aww I wish it came in fragrance free I would actually prefer it

Phoenix_Novitri said...

hi yuna, i think i am purging now, dont know wether it's because my 1st time using this cream. I boight it when it's sale. Interesting cream coz of the ingredients

Yuna said...

@Phoenix_Novitri: oh no, that doesn't sound good :< Did it cause any reactions or breakouts for you? or it just didn't do anything?