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Friday, December 9, 2011

November Favorites 2011

First I wanted to mention to please vote in my poll on which blog post you love reading from me. I am trying to improve my blog for my readers and see what you all enjoy and thank you all for sticking around with me throughout the years :]

1) Vanicream & Vanicream Lite: Because it's getting colder here my skin has been dry and very flaky that even a moisturizing serum wouldn't help. I've been searching for a good hydrating lotion without any mineral oil formulation and came across Vanicream. The regular Vanicream is very thick, in fact so thick that you would have to mix it with water or a toner but I decided to purchase the Lite version and mix the two and together it's the perfect lotion for winter. I highly suggest you trying out Vanicream the ingredients is so simple and it doesn't contain dyes, mineral oil, parabens or fragrance so it's great for sensitive skin. I got these at Walgreens for around $17 each, the tub is so huge that I ended up giving some to my family.

2) Revlon Eyeshadow in "Brushed Copper" I've been using this as my all over lid color it's a nice peachy shimmery color that's not glittery. I heard that this shade is on sale at CVS for 75% off right now.

3) E.L.F Studio Loose Eyeshadow in "Baked Brown" I pair this with Revlon's Brushed Copper applying it on the outer corner and I love how the two colors look together.

4) Essence Gel Liner I purchase this liner at Ulta for under $4 and I am very impressed with this liner. I didn't expect this to be great because of the price tag but to my surprise I love how it glides on my lid so smoothly and stays put throughout the day. This is a great dupe to Mac's Fluidline in my opinion and will definitely repurchase this.

Thank you for reading!

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