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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Collective Haul: Missha, CVS, Sephora

Missha is currently having a 50%, 40% or 30% on the entire store so I took advantaged of the sale since it's waaay cheaper then getting it at Asian cosmetic shops.

I got a Misa Golden Snowflake Booster Essence, Time Revolution Serum and a free full size BB Cream.

I heard the Misa Snowflake Booster Essence is great for dry skin and on the box it claims it has "real gold" inside as you can see some gold flakes on the bottom of the bottle but I doubt it's real as long as it makes my skin looking nice :D

I also got two eyeshadow palettes, a blush and a waterproof liquid liner.

The packaging is gorgeous!

during black friday Milani had a huge 50% off sale + free shipping on their entire site and since I wanted to try their baked blush everyone was raving about I decided to purchase 3 of their most popular shades which is "Coralina, Dulce Pink and Luminoso"

I remember when the sale just started the site was slowing down really bad and people were complaining on their facebook page so Milani decided to extend their sale for 2 days and informing their customers to never fear if the items were sold out because they will have plenty in their warehouse and I have to say EXCELLENT customer service. Unlike the huge NYX sale fiasco during the summer, that was a total mess and unprofessional, I doubt anyone was able to order anything.

On black friday Sephora was having a $10 sale on a lot of items including the Tokidoki quads and since I had to work on that day my sister manage to snag some of them for me including a sample bag, I was soo excited and thought she wouldn't able to get them since they were sold out online.

The Body Shop
I got 3 jumbo body butters for $30 because they were having a 3 for $30 on their site during black friday. Thanks to my friend Ashley who mention that it also applies on Jumbo body butters so I couldn't say no, it's such a deal because each of these usually cost $25 each. They're 400 ml each so they will last me for quite a while!

Thanks to the blogger "Nouveaucheap.blogspot.com" she mention that CVS is having another year end sale like they do every year where they get rid of old merchandise to make room for the newer ones. I got a Physicians Formula Powder with SPF 50 for $4.12, three 10 Professional nail polishes for $1.25 each and a brown Revlon Satin Eyeshadow for $1.37. My total with tax $9.80, what a deal!


Picasso_Esque said...

WHOA! What a great haul! I'm going to have to go to my CVS soon because those deals are amazing! Thanks for the tip :)

che said...

You hauled a lot of nice items, I had to have my Missha items sent to my parents house so I can't wait to get them but that essance booster does sound interesting. Also the packaging of the compacts are gorgeous!

Yuna said...

@Picasso_Esque: omg you should go to CVS soon before all the good stuff will sell out! :D

Yuna said...

@Che: I'm in love with Missha products! :D What did you order?

Picasso_Esque said...

I am going to go tomorrow since I have to pick up my new shoes at payless. >w< I hope there is still good things left!