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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blog Update

Just a list of things I would like to mention on whats coming up in the future for this blog :]

- My first blog contest will be coming as soon as I hit 200 followers, I already have an idea on what prizes to give.

- Every week I'll be adding new items to my blog sale, I'm trying to decrease the size of my makeup collection its really taking up my room xD

- Along with the blog sale I'll be also adding clothing and accessories items once I get everything together

- "Monthly Favorites" will be mix and match like some month will be makeup favorites, or some will be skincare favorites or clothing favorites. Its very hard for me to do makeup favorites every month because sometimes I like to use the same makeup products for 2-3 months straight so I thought I should do other favorites as well.

- There's going to be a redo on some of the past tutorials because some of the tutorials the lighting in the photos are really bad.

any questions lets me know in the comments or email me at aniyuna@yahoo.com
Thank you for reading :]

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