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Monday, June 6, 2011

Stuff I purchase: Ross

I went to Ross the other day with my mom and bought a lot of cute things. I usually don't buy much stuff from Ross because they never have anything I like but I got lucky that day and spotted a lot of cute stuff :D

Sandals, I needed more summer footwear since I only own one flip flop and one sandal that I purchase from China. These were around $12 each.

This shorts on the clearence rack for only $5

One of my most happy purchases were this purse! I love it and this will replace my current almost torn up purse lol This was $35 a little pricey for Ross but the material feels like something that will last awhile so its worth it.

Thank you for reading!


The Beauty Group™ said...

Hey! Lovely blog and the stuff you buy are very cute...

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Peyton said...

The lining of your purse is so nice! I like that bag a lot. Good find!

Yuna said...

@Peyton: Thank you :D