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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Haul from China

Everything was so cheap! Especially if you know a good place to go for cheap prices and know how to bargain lol I didn't buy any makeup products most of them were little accessories and clothes.

This one accessories store was closing down and they were selling earrings for only 75¢ -$1 U.S sooo cheap so I went super crazy with them as you can tell, I'm sharing them with my sister since we both have the same taste in style.

Little cute bags to put your cellphone or money

Face masks and the hair velcro to keep hair in place when you put on makeup or washing your face.

Hair accessories, I've seen a lot of girls put their hair in a bun and then clip a bow to the side it look so cute!

cute pens and pencils for my niece

bandeau tops

Hats and scarfs

Leggings, most of them with patterns :D

long tank tops that have ruffles and laces at the bottom, these are really cute when worn inside a shirt so the lace peaks out underneath

Halter tops to wear inside a off shoulder top, I bought two colors for me and my sister

Dresses and tops

Skirts, I might give the heart one to my niece I look silly in them lol

Blazers, they're really popular there, all the girls wear them over t-shirts, tanks and dresses and most of the blazers have details in them like studs, rhinestones, bows and flowers.

Heart necklace a gift from my mom and some bracelets


Fake Paul Frank sleeping shorts lol

Moisturizers from Tjoy, I never try this brand before but I've seen it a lot in Chinese magazines so I thought I give it a try.

Rose masks from Watsons and three boxes of My Beauty Diary masks. This is my first time trying out My Beauty Diary and so far I love it!

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