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Saturday, April 30, 2011

March/April Favorites (non-makeup related)

Since I was on vacation for 2 months I didn't use any new product so instead I would share what clothing item I've been liking and wearing a lot of. I'm sorry to mention this but majority of the items were purchase in China except for 2 items from Forever 21.

Pink lace + ruffle dress top Its very lightweight and makes me feel girly every time I wear it since most of my clothing are black.

Cropped blazer with ribbon flower and rhinestones A lot of girls in China were wearing very cute blazers over t-shirts, tanks and even dresses, most of the blazers they wear have cute details in them like bows, studs, flowers or rinestones.

3/4 sleeve sweater (from F21) This sweater is so comfortable and its perfect when the weather is getting warm but still a little chilly outside.

Rabbit ring from China, 3 ring sets from F21

Its so comfortable and look so nice with a light color dress

Thanks for reading!

Disclosure: I purchase everything


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