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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Haul: BB Creams, H&M, Rite Aid...

Stuff I bought this month, mostly bargain goodies which is always my favorite :D

BB Creams
Ever since I tried Skinfood and Missha's BB Cream I've been hooked and now they're my favorite! I wanted to try the Skin 79 (pink version) and I was going to purchase them from Prettyandcute.com but after seeing my sister purchase hers at Amazon for only $14.00 each including free shipping I end up purchasing there instead.

You probably thinking "what?? $14.00 for Skin 79 BB Cream?! Are you sure its not fake?! Since the real one cost around $28?" Well I looked at my sister's before purchasing and it look soo legit I even google and search around youtube where people compare the fake and real ones and so far the one from amazon is real. I thought maybe its cheap because it expires? But on her box it says it won't expire until 2013. Even when I receive my BB Cream I was still skeptical because for the price, $14.00, it sounds too good to be true I google and compare again so far its real!

The Amazon seller is "Pink Gelee" Amazon Store Link

They change the packaging of these so its different from the old one, I watched this video on youtube http://youtu.be/pWVk9NA8qqE where this person was comparing the fake and real one.

It even have the authentic sticker

Rite Aid

This week at Rite Aid Wet n' Wild products are buy one get one free with the rewards card so definitely hurry and check it out! Such a great deal since WnW products are already affordable. If you never tried their products I highly recommend their eyeshadows and blushes.


I thought this bag was really cute, I wanted to get a bright color purse for the spring and summer since most of the purses I own are dark colors. I got this for around $30

Crochet cardigan, thought this would be cute over light or pastel color tops

Guess nude color heels, I've been looking for a nude color shoes for a long time and I finally found this one which was on sale for $15. What I love about it most is the heel is 2 inches, I'm still not use the wearing high heels, I'm a flats and sneakers type of girl so I'm slowly trying to get use to wearing them adding a inch little by little lol.

Forever 21

I bought this gray skinny jeans I already own 2 pairs (black and blue) before. I know F21 don't have the best jeans but these are so comfortable. I got this for around $10.50 which is part of their "Fabulous Finds"


Cute sweater for $10, I can wear this over a skirt or jeans.

Hope you enjoyed my haul, thank you for reading :D

Disclosure: I bought everything :]



Sana said...

I looked up BB cream and it says that Asian women love it! So, do you think that women of other skin colors could use it as well??? Im so interested in it now because some people claim that it lightened the marks on their face!

please let me know:)


Yuna said...

@sana: most BB creams especially skin79 come in one shade which is a light shade however the brand Missha comes in medium colors :]

Sana said...

thank you:) are the missha the same formula? it says it will lighten the marks so if I get the missha will it lighten my marks also? sorry for bothering you:)

Yuna said...

@Sana: I'm currently using Missha BB Cream and I love it but I don't think it does anything to lighten marks as I have a lot of scars from past acne but it does cover the marks a little bit.

aww its no prob I don't mind answering :]

bianca said...

soo.. you think the creams you bought arent fake or something?

i heard that when it comes to the stores it gets really expensive because of the taxes or whatever...
what do you think?
does the fake one doesnt have authentic sticker on it? or....

Yuna said...

@Bianca: after looking around google I'm guna say the one I purchase is real unless someone out there will prove to me that its fake xD

But yes I also heard they sell them for much higher prices in stores and even in Korea and I have no clue how and why in Amazon they sell t for much cheaper.

I don't know if the fake one will also have the sticker since this is my first purchase of this BB Cream but I know that the old packaging in the real one do not have the sticker.