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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My first makeup

I remember the first time I started wearing makeup when I was 19 aside from owning a bunch of fruity lip glosses I wasn't into makeup as a teenager due to having really bad acne. I use to think that if I wear makeup I would worsen my skin but really its how you take care of your skin. Some makeup can break you out but if you choose the right one with ingredients your skin can handle and always remove your makeup before bed time.

Drugstores was the first place I go to to purchase makeup because it was affordable and if I didn't like it I don't lose much.

As I can remember these were the items I first purchase, of course I don't have them anymore so I pull out some photos from Google.

Maybelline Unstoppable Pencil Liner
Before liquid liner pencil liner was my first, this liner is not bad I pick this because it was more convenient since I don't have to sharpen it.

Wet n' Wild Mega Eyes Trio
I start out with neutral shades when I first did makeup. This came out before Wet n' Wild's current new renovated palettes, I actually like this palette a lot but I remember packing it on my lids all the time because it kept on creasing and fading and that was before I knew about eyeshadow primers lol

Maybelline Pure powder and liguid foundation
These are no longer available but If I could find it I would repurchase, they were actually good because its very light and natural on the skin.

Maybelline Full n' Soft mascara
I got this mascara after reading a rave review in a random forum but honestly I didn't like it then it could be that I just started with makeup and didn't know how to apply it right.

Cover Girl Cheekers
I don't remember what shade I got but I remember purchasing a trio because it was on sale and was the cheapest blush I could find in the store, it was ok but I couldn't stand the smell on these.

That was pretty much what I can remember, I still buy drugstore makeup quite often because its not all about expensive brands affordable brands can be just as good.

If I can go back and change one thing that would be purchasing a eyeshadow primer because you can have the prettiest eyeshadow color on until it starts creasing and fading.

What was your first makeup?


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