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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Look of the Day: Muted Purple

What I used:

- Maybelline Crystal Glitter Shadow Pencil as base, this is unfortunately discontinued but any pink/purple base works fine
- E.L.F Gliiter Pencil Liner
- Wet n' Wild liquid pen liner
- NYX Palette in "Jazz Night"

1) I apply a creamy eyeshadow all over the lid then apply a dusty purple over the base
2) on the crease I apply a dark purple and blend it with the lid color
3) I apply a liquid eyeliner on the top lid and a grey color pencil liner on the bottom

Disclaimer: Purchase everything used in this tutorial



Mickey said...

I've been wondering how you take your pics.
Because I want to post tutorials of my own.
Can you please tell me.

Yuna said...

@Mickey: oh I just take a full face photo of myself and crop it to just my eye area, every tutorial step I snap multiple pictures with different angles and at the end I pick out which ones are best.

Its really hard for me to do tutorials because I can only do them during the day with natural lighting, the lights in my room really sucks and they never show color when I take pictures :<