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Friday, January 21, 2011

Eyeshadow Sponge Applicators

I've been going through my drawer and I notice I have a tons of these applicators and thought I share this with you all. Its one of those items where people toss in the trash because its all about brushes from affordable to expensive ones but I find myself keeping them because they're very useful for other things.

I still remember when I first started with makeup these where the only things I depend on when applying eyeshadow because brushes are just too expensive and I'm pretty sure most of you was in a similar situation. Now ever since I discover Eco Tools, E.L.F, Posh etc brushes that are affordable and soft that these sponge applicators were pushed back. However these applicators are still not bad and very useful too.

- They're great with packing color especially eyeshadows that aren't pigmented
- Great to use when mixing foundations, pigments or lipcolors
- Great for applying glitters on the lid
- For small tip applicators its very useful for applying shadows on the lower lid

- They eat up your eyeshadows meaning you will use up your eyeshadows quicker
- Hard to blend the shadows with
- sometimes it can pack too much color
- They make the eyeshadow crease faster but nothing then a good primer can fix it

Overall they're still great and once in a while I find myself using them for a quick all over color on the lids when I'm in a hurry in the morning.

What is your opinion on them?

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Polly said...

Some are better than others, my favorite ones come with the Maybelline quads haha!

Yuna said...

@Polly: haha yess I don't like the floppy ones