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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Makeup Stash: Cheek Stains

If I know I'll be going out for more then 8 hours I would want my blush to last usually powder blushes only last no longer then 7 hours on my skin and after that they fade because of this I rather put on cheek stains instead.

Cheek stains comes in variety of colors, sizes, price and different types of application. Some of them you can apply it on the lips but it gets very drying so I rarely put them on my lips. I always go for red or pink colors as they look more flattering on my skin tone, there's also coral and bronze colors available depending on what brand.

The downside about cheek stains is some of them dry pretty fast so when applied to the cheeks quickly blend it out otherwise the color would look unnatural. Its also pretty hard to take off hence the name "Cheek Stain" unless you wash your face thoroughly at night.

Overall they're one of my favorite next to cream blushes in my stash.


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