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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Haul: Asian Cosmetics

Stuff I got from my sister when she went to Thailand for vacation.

Before my sister left I gave her a list of items I wanted to try but can't get in the states.

Etude House
Two eyeshadow palette, BB Cream, blush and a free skincare sample set.

Although there's a lot more items in Etude House I want including the lippies and face makeup but in Thailand its very very pricey.

Japanese Cosmetics

This one I purchase online, if you remember from my previous post Missha was having a sale on their site so I bought a travel set that includes all the Missha BB Creams. Its a good way to try out which ones I like from them.

Its 20ml each

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bunnyface said...

WOW, a mega haul! haha great! How do you like the bb cream so far? Which one is your favorite?
I've used the red tube before, but it was very dark and ashy on me =[ but it offers amazing coverage. I have not tried the others yet, so i'm darn curious! maybe i should pick up a travel set myself.

Yuna said...

@Bunnyface: I haven't got a chance to try all of them yet but I have try the red tube which is not bad but drying a little on me, hopefully they others would be better.

♥ c.angie ♥ said...

OMG! I see LOT of bb creams! SO JEALOUS! Love the haul