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Thursday, December 30, 2010

December Favorites 2010

I was debating if I should do December favorites or favorites of 2010 overall but majority of my favorites for 2010 are all mention in the past monthly favorites so I would end up repeating the items again.

1) Mac Paint Pot in "Rubenesque": I've been using this cream shadow as my only eyeshadow color a lot this month, it gives a nice gold color with some sheen and it last all day. The only downside about Mac Paint Pot is they get dried up fast so I have to use it up as much as I can.

2) Skin 79 Oriental Gold BB Cream: I bought this at New York during the summer because I heard great things about this BB Cream. So far I really love it and its great for dry skin during winter because its moisturizing. What I love about this BB Cream even more is it comes with a lip/cheek cream build-in on the cap which makes this very convenient to travel with.

3) Physician's Formula Glow Pearls: I bought this believe or not at the dollar store because its a discontinue item I didn't expect much about this product and thought it doesn't hurt to try since its only a $1. After weeks for trying I really love it, it gives a nice glow to the skin and the shimmers are so fine and barely noticeable but still looks nice on the skin.

4) Milani Glimmer Stripes in "Berry Glimmer": as mention in a review (Link) I still love all of Milani's Glimmer Stripe products because you can use them in multiple ways. I use this particular one as a blush and use the lighter shades as a highlight and it looks really nice on the skin especially for winter.

5) Wet n' Wild Lash Intense Mascara: This is my first time trying out WnW mascara and I'm very impress with this one. It gives a lot of of volume on my lashes and makes them look full although it doesn't do a good job with lengthening but what really matters to me is that this doesn't smudge as much for something thats not waterproof which is amazing! And you can't beat the price at $3.79 either!

Thanks for reading!

Disclosure: I bought everything.


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